Professional quality for our wall stickers

All our wall stickers are made from top grade professional quality vinyl. All our stickers are produced in our French workshops. They are guaranteed for a minimum of 8 years for colourfastness and dimensional stability. Our mural stickers are delivered with a printed instruction manual and a scraper applicator.

Several videos are available to assist you as you install your large stickers.

Our stickers can be apply on various smoother surfaces. Choose a watercolor painting for a painting wall. Certain components of the other paintings prevent the glue from polymerizing (as the latex or the resin).

The designs are exclusive and numbered

This collection of mural decorations and giant stickers was created and hand-designed by Franck Bleriot and his Osmoze design workshop. Each item is a combination of fine lines, precision and manually cut-out vinyl motifs. Our mural stickers' blend of sensuality and authenticity fulfils the needs of those who seek truly sophisticated simplicity.