Sur la Branche

Large Sticker Sur la Branche

Transform your interior with Sur la Branche sticker. An exclusive, limited edition wall sticker with high added value. Its deliberately contemporary approach, free from fashion influences, always reflects a deep respect for nature and architectural identity and history, giving each mural sticker design a unique, modern personality.

79,00€ incl VAT 65,83€ excl VAT
Tableau des Formats (H x L): 
Size 1 : 51 x 180 cm Size 3 : 98 x 350 cm
Size 2 : 67 x 240 cm Size 4 : 125 x 450 cm


Use: Entrance Hall, Stairs, Lounge, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Bedroom and Office.

Style: Contemporary, Design, Urban, Plant, Tree, Nature.

Description: Professional quality vinyl sticker. Made in France. High dimensional stability. Minimum 8 years guarantee for indoor use. Our mural stickers are delivered with printed user guidelines and a scraper applicator. Swift, easy application on many different smooth or slightly structured surfaces (walls, furniture, doors, windows).

The designer: This collection of mural decorations and giant stickers was created and hand-designed by Franck Blériot and his Osmoze design workshop. Each item is a combination of fine lines, precision and manually cut-out vinyl motifs. Our mural stickers' blend of sensuality and authenticity fulfils the needs of those who seek truly sophisticated simplicity.


Large Sticker Sur la Branche
Large Sticker Sur la Branche black
Large Sticker Sur la Branche white
Large Sticker Sur la Branche eggplant
Large Sticker Sur la Branche light grey
Large Sticker Sur la Branche chocolate
Large Sticker Sur la Branche beige sediment
Large Sticker Sur la Branche anthracite grey
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