Mural (wall) stickers

"How are your mural (wall) stickers made ?"
All our wall stickers are made from top grade professional quality vinyl. They are guaranteed for a minimum of 8 years for colourfastness and dimensional stability.
"Are your large scale mural stickers easy to apply ?"
Our stickers bear the "Easy to Apply" label. They are designed to be applied by one person working alone. They are pre-cut into several sections. An instruction manual and video are supplied. If your mural sticker is larger than 2.5 metres high we advise you to work with another person for easier application.
"After repainting, how long should I wait before applying your wall stickers ?"
You should allow around a fortnight before applying your stickers to smooth, dry surfaces.
"Witch painting may I use ?"
We can only garantee a good application of our wall design on the watercolor. Certain component of other type of painting prevent the glue from applying (latex or resin for exemple).
"Are your stickers water-resistant?"
Our stickers are designed to be water-resistant. You can clean your sticker and your wall, provided that the paint that you used is washable paint. It is preferable to use soapy water.
"Is it possible to move your wall stickers to another position?"
We manufacture high quality stickers that are made to last. The materials used to make our adhesive decorations do not allow repositioning. "Repositionable" stickers are used for temporary decorations and are of much lower quality. This does not apply to our stickers, because we wish to maintain our high standards and quality.
"Is it easy to remove your wall stickers after ten years or so?"
This is entirely dependent on the quality of your paint. If you apply the stickers on old paint it will be difficult not to damage it when removing the stickers. If your paint and support are of good quality we recommend that you heat the adhesive to reactivate the glue. Just pull and it comes off!
"Where are your wall stickers made?"
They are all made in-house in our French workshops.
"Are you able to manufacture wall stickers on a made-to-measure basis?"
Yes, simply send us an Email to:


"Are goods delivered quickly?"
We begin production as soon as we receive payment. We produce all wall stickers to order. We hold no stock. Each product is exclusive and personal. The lead-time is 3 weeks from receipt of payment.
"How are your stickers sent?"
Our wall stickers are packed in transparent PVC designer packaging, and then placed in rigid tubes. They are then sent by registered parcel post so that you may track your order at every stage.
"Do you deliver overseas?"
Yes. When you place your order, you will be asked for details of the destination and postal charges will be displayed.