The Osmoze Mural Design Production Workshop manufactures original stickers and large scale artistic adhesives for private individuals and all parties involved throughout the building, architecture, communication and interior decoration industries in France and internationally.

adhesives, mural stickers and painted mural works.


A combination of high quality production and an artistic approach! The Osmoze production workshop places its show room in Strasbourg Erstein at your disposal, and also its brainstorming area, "Material and Vinyl" area and all of its multidisciplinary artists, to study your project. Product Trimming Workshop

atelier de fabrication echenillage

The Osmoze Mural Design Workshop has at its command a unique manufacturing process for each mural decoration : free-hand painting, India ink illustrations, drawing, illusion, customized calligraphy, poetic writing, large format adhesives, outsize stickers, giant vinyl cut-out motifs, large scale customized stickers, digital four-colour printing, window stickers, screen printing, Perspex, film material, lettering, digital processes...

All our original mural stickers are produced in France.


The Graphic Creation and Production Site:
7 rue des Violettes, 67150 Nordhouse (Strasbourg Alsace)
The Production Site :
2 rue de l'expansion, 67150 Erstein (Strasbourg Alsace)

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