Our stickers bear the "Easy to Apply" label. They are designed to be applied by one person working alone. They are pre-cut into several sections, and then numbered. An instruction manual and video are supplied.

Applying a sticker is very easy. However, the following steps should be carefully followed to ensure that the application is impeccable.

Only 500 of each sticker are issued throughout the world. Each sticker is treated as a unique mural work or signed painting and numbered, then signed, by Franck Blériot, its designer.



The Tools Needed

Adhesive masking tape, a pair of scissors, a scraper or credit card and a cloth.

pose facile outils

Your Sticker's Different Layers

Each sticker is made up of a layer of white protective paper, the self-adhesive vinyl motif and self-adhesive transparent transfer paper.

How to Unwrap / Unroll it

Lay out the decorative sticker on a flat surface such as the floor. Let it rest as long as necessary to adjust to your room temperature. Then rub it with a dry cloth to increase its adhesiveness.

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pose facile nettoyage

It is often obvious where to put your sticker. If you are not sure, do not hesitate to hold up your sticker or even tape it to your wall in order to view it from a distance and correct its position if necessary.

Once you have chosen the site it is absolutely necessary to clean it (wall, window, mirror, door or the front of a cupboard or other piece of furniture...) to ensure that the wall sticker has good adhesiveness.

Use a soft cloth to do this. If required, wash the surface and dry it carefully before applying the sticker

If you wish to apply a mural sticker on a window, ensure that you have removed every finger mark or trace of grease... If it is about a painted wall, opt for a watercolor (do not use one in resin or latex).



It is important that the entire surface of the sticker adheres properly to the entire surface of the transparent film, which will allow you to transfer it onto the wall.

Before applying it, take a simple rigid card such as a telephone card or a credit card. Then scrape it several times from the centre towards the edges in order to ensure that the motif sticks properly onto the transparent transfer paper.

pose facile preparation sticker



Small formats (up to 50 cm long)

Gently peel off the stiff protective paper, starting with the top of the sticker. For small formats only (the O Fil de l'Imaginaire or OP Fil des Mots ranges), you may peel off all the paper.

Place the sticker against the desired site, sticking the higher part of the motif to it. Use the scraper to work gradually, pressing downwards and towards the sides to remove air bubbles. Remove the protective paper as you go. Once the entire sticker is properly applied to the surface, all that remains to be done is to remove the transparent transfer film. This step must be done meticulously, especially if your sticker has numerous cut-out edges and details.

pose facile petit format sticker
Large Formats (Over 50 cm long)

Put your sticker in position on your surface. Check its level using the tabs around your sticker. Stick with adhesive masking tape half way up the sticker. Remember to stick it up half way up on the longest side of your sticker. Your adhesive tape must reach 10 to 15 cm beyond each side. If necessary, double this adhesive tape so that your sticker remains firmly in place on your surface. Your sticker is now segmented into 2.

Start with the first part.

Gently peel off the stiff protective paper, starting with the top of the sticker, until you reach the adhesive tape. Cut the stiff paper with your scissors, and then apply your sticker gradually onto your surface using your scraper. Press upwards and outwards to remove air bubbles.

Continue with the second part.

You may remove the adhesive tape and gently peel off the stiff paper as you go along.

Once the entire sticker is correctly applied to the surface, press onto it using a clean cloth to ensure that the sticker is completely stuck on. If the sticker comes off the wall when you try to remove the transparent film, use your scraper again, paying particular attention to the areas concerned. Simply remove the transparent transfer film to complete the job.

pose facile sticker grand format


Very large formats: When you assemble a mural sticker in several parts (the O Fil du Vent and O Fil du Temps ranges), tabs are directly included in your sticker. You simply need to adjust them correctly. Remember to remove these vinyl tabs when you have finished.

Bubbles: If air bubbles remain in spite of all your efforts, burst them using a fine needle. A gentle scrape and nothing will be left of them !