Franck Blériot is multitalented, hand designing and drawing original wall stickers of all sizes, using an approach in which the graphic excellence of the performance does not diminish its lasting human and poetic dimension. He constantly produces artistic creations that are unique in the world. The inspiration is cosmopolitan and urban - an alternative way to experience life in one's house, business and environment.


Franck Blériot originated from a background of ingenious, creative inventors (he was from a family of famous aviators). He attended a Strasbourg secondary school and later studied at the Louis Pasteur University and then the famous Xerox School in Paris. He graduated in Advertising and Marketing at 23 years of age and began a spectacular career whose trademark was its versatility: Advertiser, designer, scenographer and artistic director … At 39 years of age he was already a renowned mural and space designer, putting his graphic talents to work throughout the world. His ambition is to: - transform your spaces through his brand of stunning contemporary artistic work, - enhance the value of your property and - add a touch of poetry to daily life.