fil du vent

[+] STICKERS wood

This collection of giant stickers immerses you in a modern, plant-filled environment. Trees, branches, flowers, leaves and foliage transform your interior and take you on a windblown journey "O Fil du Vent". Our mural design formats vary from 1 x 1 metre to 5 x 2.5 metres. Our stickers will fit tastefully into your entrance hall, living room, lounge, kitchen, stairway, office and bedroom. Click here to see the Presentation Book of our creations.
Large Sticker Sur la Branche
Large Sticker Sur la Branche...
Large Sticker la volupté
Large Sticker la Volupté...
Large Sticker La pie qui chante
Large Sticker la pie qui chante...
Large Sticker le Bois Eternel
Large Sticker le Bois Eternel...
Large Sticker la Forêt O Bois
Large Sticker la Forêt O...