Our customized wall sticker concept is for every design and interior decoration enthusiast: private, professional, individual consumer, decorator, interior decorator, communications agency, etc.

Our use of the principle of customization means that you can make up your very own mural sticker design, using our graphics packages.

osmoze concept etape 1
Choose the contemporary sticker in the « O Fil du vent »collection as a graphic background for your mural decoration. Note that you may use it with or without an added graphics package.
osmoze concept etape 2
Choose the graphic composition or artistic package in the form of a sticker: you’ll find this graphics package in the « O fil de l’imaginaire » collection.

You have just made up your very own customized wall sticker.

osmoze concept etape 3
osmoze concept etape 3

If you so wish, you may add the finishing touches to your wall art by selecting personal messages, poems and wall clocks that fit into your work of art.

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Our Osmoze Mural (Wall) Design Workshop is at your entire disposal to provide support and guide you in your choice of wall stickers. Contact us.